Abigail, though she prefers to be called Abi, is one of the 17 glows.


Abigail is a glow with the power of electromagnetic nerve stimulation (taking away pain), though she cannot actually heal people. She is also unable to take away her own pain Her power seems to be the only thing able to counter Tara's.


Abigail was one of the glows locked in cell 2 of Elgen Academy's dungeon level for disobeying Hatch (the other 3 being Ian, McKenna, and Taylor.) It is suspected that Abi was the last glow to be found before Michael and Taylor. Though she originated the idea of she, Zeus, Ian, and Tessa leaving the Electroclan, she is also the one that convinces them to come back, saving the lives of Michael, Taylor, Ostin, McKenna, and Jack.From almost blowing them selves up trying to defeat the ampere.

The Prisoner of Cell 25Edit

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Rise of the ElgenEdit

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Battle of the AmpereEdit

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Hunt for Jade DragonEdit

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Abigail is described as having blond hair and blue eyes. She is a very kind, gentle person.

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