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First Appearance:

The Prisoner of Cell 25




Human Electric Saw



Bryan is a Glow who is still loyal to Dr. Hatch.

By Hatch's other electric children, Bryan is considered very immature, causing him not to be very popular with the rest of them, and also is the target of some cruel jokes by the other boys. For example, Quentin put dog feces in his bed for him to sleep on. He learns about this when the Elgen youths are talking to Michael before Michael's execution. His immature personality also gets on Hatch's nerves during times. He is not very respected by 'The Family' or the Electroclan.

In Storm of Lightning he tells Quentin about Welch's impending fate, causing Quentin to decide to overthrow Hatch and take control of the Elgen. After Hatch finally finds out about Quentin's betrayal and planned mutiny, Hatch, enraged, has 4 Glows (Tara, Quentin, Kylee, and Torstyn) arrested and imprisoned. Only Bryan isn't arrested.

In Fall Of Hades Bryan doesn't actually appear, but it's mentioned that he's imprisoned in the Elgen Kremlin. Bryan betrays Quentin and rejoins Hatch. Unlike Quentin, Torstyn, and Tara, Bryan is currently scheduled to be released.

In The Final Spark, Bryan appears with Kylee and Dr. Hatch and Zara when Hatch meets the glows to introduce her. He is insulted by Quentin a few times, and he punches Quentin in the face twice. After that he is never heard from again. It is unknown as to what happened to him after Dr. Hatch's death/defeat, but it can be assumed that he was stranded in Tuvalu with Kylee, and punished by the Tuvaluan civillians.


Bryan has the ability to create highly focused electricity that allows him to cut through objects. He is seen using his power in 'Prisoner of Cell 25' to try and prevent the Electroclan from escaping.