Mr. Vey is the father of Michael Vey. He presumably died of a heart attack when Michael was young. He worked at the

Carl T. Vey
Background information
Affiliation: Resistance
Status: Alive - (Faked his death to escape Elgen)
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hospital that Michael was born in (which was owned by the Elgen Corporation. He was, according to Hatch, the research manager there. Rumor has it that Michael killed him when sitting on his lap, though he turns out to be alive and the leader of the resistance.

The Prisoner Of Cell 25 Edit

He supposedly died from Michael, when Michael shocked him.

The Final Spark Edit

He faked his death, so the Elgen couldn't harm him, and he was the leader of the resistance all this time. At the end of the book, he became chairman of Elgen Inc., in which his board members decided to name the company after him.