Quotation1 When the Elgen take you, they do things to you. They change you. You're not the same person you were. Quotation2
Tessa to Michael about the Elgen
Background Information

Elgen is the name of the medical company that tried to use the MEI scanner to find and cure disease. Subsequently a power company with malevolent aspirations. The MEI was made by Dr. Coondradt.

Recently, the Elgen took over Tuvalu naming it ''Hatch Islands'' after their leader, Dr. Hatch.


The Elgen are lead by a chairman of the board of app. 12 members, who reside in a yacht in international territory as too not be accused of their crimes, including over 41 murder charges. The (Former) chairman's name is Giacomo Schema. The board members are simply addressed by number. Hatch takes over control of the Elgen in Battle of the Ampere. Two board members are killed during Hatch's takeover.

  1. Ten: He claims that Hatch will never get away with his actions, Hatch responds by having him thrown out of the Ampere, over a 60 story fall with his hands behind his back.
  2. Two (Later known as Judith): She begs Hatch to cut Schema down from his upside-down position. Hatch agrees, as long as she took his place. By the time Michael and the Electroclan find the imprisoned board members, she is dead.

Elgen ForceEdit

The Elgen force consists of approximately 5,000 soldiers, referred to as guards, but has risen greatly to be approximately 16,000. In Storm of Lightning, these guards, in general wear black uniforms, and occasionally a copper helmet to avoid being rebooted by Taylor. The guards carry a plethora of weaponry, including various handguns and rifles. Near the end of Rise of The Elgen about half of the guards answer to Hatch alone, at least 2,000 in the Peruvian facility. In Taiwan there is a group of Elgen guard called the Lung Li. They are basically modern day ninjas.  


The motto of the Elgen, or the Elgen Force at least is Novus Ordo Glorificus  a Latin phrase meaning the new, glorious order. In Storm of Lightning the motto is put as Absolutum Dominium.


The salute of the Elgen is placing the three middle fingers of the left hand to the temple and joining the little finger and thumb`

Photo on 2-27-13 at 3.19 PM

Demonstration of Salute

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