The Elgen force is the army of Elgen Inc.


Standard Elgen GuardEdit

The uniform for most Elgen Force guards is a black shirt,black pants, heavy boots, bulletproof vest, and black beret. 

Elite Global Guard (EGG)Edit

The global guard are the generals of the EF and have purple and scarlet badges over their heart and a similar armband.

Zone CaptainEdit

Squad CaptainEdit

Purple uniform.

Elgen Secret Police (ESP)Edit


Black, with a scarlet beret and sash.


Black, with yellow and black striped armbands.

This seems to only be a dress uniform, most of the time, they are in normal guard uniform.


Listed weapons are:

  • A canister of Mace
  • Two different handguns
  • Resin handcuffs
  • Smoke grenade
  • Concussion grenade
  • Wooden truncheon
  • Rifle
  • Elgen Resats

Specific to the Peruvian branch of EF

  • A Spec Ops knife
  • Stun Baton


The EF takes direct orders from Hatch and the board. Below Hatch are twelve EGGs


Elgen Global Guard, like eggs, there are twelve of them. These men serve as generals under the Glows and Hatch. Their only mentioned duty is to protect Hatch.

Zone CaptainEdit

His job is to lead a global zone of squad captains. Number of ZCs is currently unknown, probably about 60.

Squad CaptainEdit

His job is to lead 6-12 guards in a squad. There are approximately 800-600 squads.

ESP CaptainEdit

There are probably 12 ESP Captains. They likely lead a team of ESP officers. He reports to the Zone Captain.

ESP OfficerEdit

For every squad, there are 1-2 Elgen Secret Police officers or agents. Their job is to make sure no signs of rebellion or insubordination remain unpunished.

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