The Hatch Islands are the Elgen's takeover of Tuvalu. Quentin was temporarily the king. There are 9 Islands. The Islands are named after Greek gods. Edit

  • Nike Is The Capital of The Hatch, after the Greek goddess of victory, formerly called Funafuti
  • Hephaestus Is the Manufacturing Island, after the Greek god of blacksmiths, formerly called Nanumea
  • Hades Is a Prison, Work Camp, and a source for the Elgen GPs, named after the god of the underworld, formerly called Niutao
  • Demeter Is a Agricultural Area where food is raised and harvested, after the Greek goddess of agriculture, formerly called Nanumaga
  • Plutus Is the "Fort Knox" of the hatch Islands will consist of all valuables, the valuables are from the Joule the Submarine that holds the bullion, after the Greek god of wealth, formerly called Nukufetau
  • Ares Is where the Elgen Forces are trained and where the ships are docked and is closest to Plutus in any case of a robbery from the "Bank", named after the Greek god of war, formerly called Vaitupu
  • Athena is where all science and research is done to improve their MEI, after the Greek goddess of wisdom and knowledge, formerly named Nui
  • Dionysus is where the Vineyards are and is the Elgen Elites Luxury Retreat, after the Greek god of wine, formerly Called Nukulaelae
  • Poseidon is where the fishing port is, it provides food for the Elgen Guards and Rats, named after the Greek god of the sea, formerly called Niulakita

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