Quotation1 He gently touched her. She could feel his skin against hers and she entered his mind. It was peaceful and soft and safe. Quotation2
Taylor reading Ian's mind
Background Information


First Appearance:

The Prisoner of Cell 25




Electrolocation(seeing through electricity)



Ian is a 15 year old born in Pasadena, CA. He is part of the Electroclan.


Ian is a glow with the ability to see through electrolocation, though he cannot see using light like the rest of us can. He sees like sharks and electric eels. He can also see other glows' powers being used, a power Dr. Hatch siphoned into his sunglasses when he captured Ian about 3 years before the beginning of Prisoner of Cell 25 . He also can read ink off of a page, but it has a 3D effect.

He can use his electrolocation to see through anything electrons could pass through, and has notably viewed the entire Elgen Academy building from Purgatory for three years.


Ian first appeared in Prisoner of Cell 25 when Taylor is sent to the same dungeon-level cell as he, Abigail, and McKenna. He remarks that she looks "just like Tara". And then after Michael is captured, he directs Abigail to propell her power through the metal piping to help him withstand Tara's horrible gift. Ian escapes the Elgen Academy with the rest of the Electroclan. He destroys the Peruvian compound with the rest of The Electroclan, but then leaves to take refuge with The Voice, along with Abigail, Zeus, and Tessa. However, the four come to their senses and end up saving the lives of the others, as well as making the sinking of the E.S Ampere, Elgen's floating headquarters, possible.

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