Quotation1 Jack's been dealt a bad hand too. His old man's an alcoholic. His mom left him, and one of his brothers is a drug head and in prison, but Jack never gives up and he never complains. He conquers. He's a warrior. Quotation2
Wade about Jack on his blog
Background Information


First Appearance:

The Prisoner of Cell 25




Hand to Hand Combat (no electrical powers)



Jack Vranes would best be described as loyal and fearless. Originally a bully to Michael he quickly becomes one of Michael's close friends after being recruited into the Electroclan along with Wade. He has a crush on Abigail.


Jack is described as being tall and muscular, his bicep the size of a ripe Florida grapefruit as noted by Michael.


Jack is fiercely loyal and has adopted the soldier mindset as his brother. Never leave anyone behind and give a 110%. As compared to Wade Jack is definitely the brawn behind the group while Wade is more likely to stay back and think about their situation. He is as brave as Michael and willing to give his life to help someone.

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