Background information
Affiliation: Electroclan
Status: Alive
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McKenna, or 美丽的火 (English: Beautiful fire) is a member of the Electroclan. Along with Ian and Abigail, she was held captive by the Elgen for many years because she refused to follow Hatch. She join the Electroclan after escaping from the Elgen Academy's prison known as Purgatory.


Ability to create light and heat from any part of her body. She can heat herself to more than threethousand kelvin


The Prisoner of Cell 25Edit

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Rise of the ElgenEdit

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Battle of the AmpereEdit

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Hunt for Jade DragonEdit

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Storm of LightningEdit

Part TwoEdit

McKenna is mentioned to have stayed close to Ostin ever since the news about the attack on the Timepiece Ranch.
Two NacosEdit
After Ostin explains the history behind the Apache Airlines logo and symbol on the hangar and their connection to Douglas, Arizona, Tessa pessimistically connects the story to the potential end of the resistance. McKenna states Tessa is supposed to enhance their powers, not diminish them.
As everyone is exiting the plan, Tessa threatens to punch Ostin, and McKenna defends him. Ostin snaps at her, saying he didn't ask for her help.


  • McKenna's Chinese name was Mei Hua, meaning 'beautiful flower', but by the time she was two, her parents had changed it to Mei Huo, meaning 'beautiful fire'
  • McKenna's powers dehydrate her, requiring her to drink lots of water.
  • McKenna, Abigail and Ian are best friends – McKenna usually rooming with Abigail whenever they travel.