Background Information


First Appearance:

The Prisoner of Cell 25




Controls the power of light/heat, using the electricity in her body.



McKenna is one of the 17 electric children created by the Elgen. She is currently with the Electroclan.


McKenna is a glow with the power to create light and heat up to 3000ºK(5000ºF) She first uses her heat power in Rise of the Elgen. She looks like a ball of light.


McKenna was brought to The Elgen academy at the same time as a fellow electric, Tanner. She first appears in The Prisoner of Cell 25 in purgatory with Abi and Ian. She escapes Elgen academy with the rest of the Electroclan. In Rise of the Elgen, she helps the Electroclan escape an Elgen trap by melting their bonds. She is one of the glows that stay behind to fight Hatch in stead of taking refuge with The Voice in Battle of the Ampere.


McKenna is a likable, friendly person. She is also brave, proved in Prisoner of Cell 25 when she refused to leave Michael alone with the Elgen. In Book 4, it is revealed that she is dating Ostin Liss. As displayed in Battle of the Ampere, she is incredibly loyal to the Electroclan.


She is described as a beautiful, Chinese girl, who is shorter in stature, and more on the skinny side. She is known for having long, raven hair with almond shaped eyes.


  • McKenna's Chinese name was Mei Hua, meaning 'beautiful flower', but by the time she was two, her parents had changed it to Mei Huo, meaning 'beautiful fire'
  • After McKenna heats herself up, she has to drink a lot of water.
  • Mckenna, Abigail and Ian are best friends, McKenna usually rooming with Abigail whenever they travel.

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