=Michael Vey
Background information
Affiliation: Electroclan
Status: Alive
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Michael Vey is the most powerful of all the electric children and leader of the Electroclan. He is steadily increasing in power, which may be connected to his Tourette's syndrome.


Ability to shock people through direct contact or conduction. He can also absorb other electric children's powers. He has also developed the ability to magnetize parts of his body and deflect bullets using his magnetism.


The Prisoner of Cell 25Edit

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Rise of the ElgenEdit

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Battle of the AmpereEdit

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Hunt for Jade DragonEdit

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Storm of LightningEdit

Part TwoEdit

On a private jet from Taiwan to Arizona, Michael's emotions are causing him to inadvertently pulse, and accidentally shocks Taylor. He explains that Jade Dragon is safe and that the Timepiece Ranch had been attacked.
Still on the private jet, Michael tells Taylor he was wrong about retiring, stating they would never be able to stop fighting the Elgen. Taylor optimistically tries to comfort Michael but reminding him they do not actually know if anyone survived the Timepiece Ranch attack, but Michael thinks the Voice is reliable and correct. Ostin tells Michael he needs to speak with the pilot and they both walk to the cockpit. Scott, the captain, quickly tells Michael to step back as the electricity is interfering with the instruments.
Two NacosEdit
After exiting the private jet, Michael breaks up an argument between Tess and Ostin and McKenna. While waiting for Scott and Boyd to secure the plane, Michael throws a lightning ball at a grasshopper, missing and catches the grass on fire. Once Scott returns, Michael argues with him about the schedule, but Scott says it's too late to visit the ranch.


  • After a encounter with a gang in Naco, Mexico, a strong surge covered Michael's arms with Lichtenberg figures.
    • Lichtenberg figures are branching electric discharges that sometimes appear on the surface or in the interior of insulating materials

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