Michael Vey
Background Information


First Appearance:

The Prisoner of Cell 25




- Pulsing (electrical shocking through conductance)

- Surging (electrical shocking through conductance with much more power than pulsing)

- Absorbing the powers of other electric children

- Forming ball lightning

- Magnetism (capable of deflecting bullets or scaling large metal objects)

- Concentrating his electricity in one place enough to melt through objects

- Telepathic communication (in the presence of enough electricity and only with Taylor Ridley)


Electroclan Resistance

Michael Vey is a 15 year old that was  born in Pasadena, California, though he has moved around a lot since then, landing in Meridian, Idaho for a while, but since having to flee, he traveled around the world with the rest of the Electroclan, attempting to avoid/defeat the Elgen. His best friend is Ostin Liss, who is also part of the Electroclan. Michael is an only child and he has Tourette's Syndrome. He is also the leader of the Electroclan. His ultimate goal is to defeat Hatch and hopefully go back to a somewhat normal life with his friends and mom. In Storm of Lightning, he got Litchenburg Figures (lightning scars/trees) from surging strongly during a fight with a Mexican gang who wanted to cut and then rob him. Also him and Taylor have dating since the end of The Prisoner of Cell 25. In fall of Hades, he and Taylor break up, but eventually get back together. In the 6th book he got struck by lightning, and no one knows what happened to him. However, on the amazon page for the new seventh book entitled "The Final Spark" the synopsis of the book stated "Michael Vey is missing and it’s up to the Electroclan to find him in this electrifying seventh installment of the New York Times bestselling series!" This means that he most likely either has severe amnesia (Like Percy Jackson) or is very injured. Either way, HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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