Ostin Liss (4)
Background information
Affiliation: Electroclan
Status: Alive
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Ostin Liss is a member of the Electroclan. He is very intelligent and one of the original three members of the Electroclan.


The Prisoner Of Cell 25Edit

Ostin is revealed as Michael's best friend/partner and one of the few people other than Michael and his mother to know about Michael's powers. He suggests measuring how strong Michael's electricity is and this leads to Mrs. Vey discovering that Ostin knows. Afterwards when the Elgen attack and get his mother, Ostin joins Michael Vey, Jack and Wade along for the ride to go get her, however they end up getting caught and separated.
They are rescued days later by Michael and Ostin comes up with a plan to escape by counting down the guards as they escape. He is the only one immune to Nichelle's attacks and he manages to cut a wire, give it to Michael and give him a supercharge of energy for them to escape the Elgen along with several others: Zeus, McKenna, Abigail, Grace, Jack, Wade and Ian

Rise of the ElgenEdit

The sequel takes place immediately after the first book. The Electroclan is returning from their trip to go home and then they discover Ostin's home has been ransacked and his parents are gone and Jack's house has burned down. They retreat to Jacks's sisters salon, moments later Michael gets a phone call from the Voice and they flee from three Elgen cars but the third one explodes for no confirmed reason and everyone dies.
They stay with Jack and Wade's friend Mitchell during which the kids discover Jack and Wade have tracking devices in their arms. After disposing of the tracking devices the kids are nearly caught by Elgen guards. Grace unloads the information she gathered in Book 1 and Ostin spends all night discovering the Elgen's new plan: superpowered rats and he discovers where Michael's mother is being held. After training for weeks they then ride out to Peru to find her after surrendering Grace to the Voice.
After a long, nearly deadly trek through the jungle they come upon the Elgen compound where the group manages to commandeer several guard outfits and sneak into the compound. They locate Mrs. Vey and prepare to escape only to be revealed that Dr. Hatch has trapped them.
They manage to escape but Ostin leaves Michael behind at his word. Upon finding out this Jack and Taylor yell at Ostin causing him to leave the group and McKenna to go after him. After sharing a tender moment the kids think of a plan to get Michael.

Battle of the AmpereEdit


Hunt for Jade DragonEdit


Storm of LightningEdit

Part TwoEdit

Ostin is mentioned to have never lost anyone close to him – not even a goldfish. Abigail tries to take away his pain, but he felt like he was betraying his parents for not suffering.
During the private jet ride from Taiwan to Arizona, Ostin tells Michael he needs to speak with the pilot and they both walk to the cockpit. He asks Scott why the United States military didn't prevent the attack on the ranch, leading Scott to reveal the ranch had been a remote part of Sonora, Mexico. Scott continues to explain the risk of landing near the ranch, so they will be landing in Douglas, Arizona, then driving across the boarder to the ranch.
Two NacosEdit
When the plane lands, Ostin explains the history behind the Apache Airlines logo and symbol on the hangar and their connection to Douglas, Arizona. As everyone exits the plane, Tessa and Ostin begin arguing, and McKenna defends Ostin, causing Ostin to snap at McKenna, telling her he didn't ask for her help.