Background information
Affiliation: Resistance
Status: Alive
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Scott is a member of the Resistance. He was in charge during the visit to the Timepiece Ranch after the attack.


Storm of LightningEdit

Part TwoEdit

During the flight from Taiwan to Arizona, Scott leaves the cockpit to speak with Michael Vey and Ostin Liss. He informs Michael and Ostin the United States military did not conflict with the Elgen since the Timepiece Ranch was in a remote part of Sonora, Mexico.
Two NacosEdit
After landing in Arizona, Scott spoke with a woman and paid her for the keys to a navy-blue van. He instructed everyone to load their bags into the van while he and his copilot, Boyd, secured the plane in the hangar. Then, Scott explained route: to Bisbee, then to Naco where they will cross the border into Mexico. At the border, Scott exchanged information with the immigration officer and was granted clearance.