Sharon Vey
Background information
Affiliation: Resistance
Status: Alive
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Sharon Vey is Michael Vey's mother. She was kidnapped by the Elgen in order to blackmail Michael.

The Prisoner of Cell 25Edit

Sharon Vey is Michael's mom. Sharon Vey was kidnapped by the Elgen, because of Taylor.

Rise of the ElgenEdit

Michael helped her escape the Starxource Plant in Peru

Battle of the AmpereEdit

Michael found out she was safe with the Voice and Resistance

Hunt for Jade DragonEdit

Michael thought she died when the Elgen attacked the Resistance.

Storm of LightningEdit

As each of the kids asked about his/her parents, Michael was informed that everyone had survived, and escaped the Timepiece Ranch.

Fall Of Hades Edit

No Info

The Final Spark Edit

She was kidnapped and tortured by the Elgen, and was used as bait to lure Michael's dad and the resistance.