Old Friends
Part One
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No Survivors
Part One
Old Friends
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Two Nacos
A Small Village Forgotten by God
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Below contains in-depth information about Chapter 1: Old Friends of Storm of Lightning.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Admiral-General Hatch's office Taiwan Starxource plant
Elite Global Guard Welch updates Admiral-General Hatch on the status of Mexican Lightning Storm. Welch then explains how the Electroclan escaped Taiwan, along with Jade Dragon. Hatch asks about Giacomo Schema, and Welch informs him of Schema's disappearance. Hatch offers Welch a drink, and then tell Welch about the new ships the Elgen acquired to replace the Watt: the Edison and the Franklin, which are both on their way to join the Ohm, Tesla, Joule, Faraday, and Volta at Tuvalu to continue the opening of the Tuvalu Starxcoure plant – a process called Operation Home Base. Hatch then instructs Politis to arrest Welch, strip him of insignias and weapons, and escort him to the brig to await begin fed to the rats in Tuvalu.





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