Part Two
Chapter: 3 (of 39)
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I Sold You and You Sold Me
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The New King
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Christmas Ranch
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Julie Ridley
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The Fall of Tuvalu
Hatch Island
King Quentin
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The Same Three Questions
A Broken Clock
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Hot Dawg Bail Bonds
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Backup Plan Two
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Shock and Awe
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The Problem with History
Discovered Video
Cell 25
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The Joule
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The Fugitive
Our Leader
The Voice

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Chapter SummaryEdit

Still on the private jet, Michael tells Taylor he was wrong about retiring, stating they would never be able to stop fighting the Elgen. Taylor optimistically tries to comfort Michael but reminding him they do not actually know if anyone survived the Timepiece Ranch attack, but Michael thinks the Voice is reliable and correct.
Ostin tells Michael he needs to speak with the pilot and they both walk to the cockpit. Scott, the captain, quickly tells Michael to step back as the electricity is interfering with the instruments. Scott transfers control to Boyd, the copilot, and exits the cockpit. Ostin asks Scott why the United States military didn't prevent the attack on the ranch, leading Scott to reveal the ranch had been a remote part of Sonora, Mexico. Scott continues to explain the risk of landing near the ranch, so they will be landing in Douglas, Arizona, then driving across the boarder to the ranch.