Two Nacos
Part Two
Chapter: 4 (of 39)
Pages:  ?-?
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No Survivors
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Two Nacos
A Small Village Forgotten by God
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Gasoline Jelly
The Survivor
The Lightning Boy
Billy Ray
Haunted Hotel Gadsden
The Man in Black
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EGG Welch
I Sold You and You Sold Me
A Simple Order
The New King
The Puppet Dictator
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Christmas Ranch
Simple Things
Julie Ridley
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The Fall of Tuvalu
Hatch Island
King Quentin
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The Same Three Questions
A Broken Clock
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Back to the Battlefield
Back Home
Hot Dawg Bail Bonds
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Backup Plan Two
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Shock and Awe
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The Problem with History
Discovered Video
Cell 25
Part Thirteen
The Joule
Part Fourteen
The Fugitive
Our Leader
The Voice

Below contains in-depth information about Chapter 4: Two Nacos of Storm of Lightning.

Chapter SummaryEdit

The private jet lands in Bisbee-Douglas International Airport in Arizona. As everyone exits the plane, Tessa and Ostin begin arguing, and McKenna defends Ostin, causing Ostin to snap at McKenna. After Michael stops the fighting, Scott speaks with an elderly Mexican woman who is in an old trailer behind the hangers, and purchases a navy-blue van. Scott instructs everyone to load their bags into the van and wait while he and Boyd store the plane.
An hour later, for entertainment, Zeus begins shooting lightning bolts at grasshoppers and Michael throws a lightning ball, missing and catching the grass on fire. Once the plane is secured, Scott explains the route: to Bisbee, then to Naco where they will cross the border into Mexico. Boyd stays behind with the plane, and Scott drives the van to Naco. As they cross the border, Scott exchanges information with an immigration officer, and is granted clearance.




  • Scott
  • Boyd
  • Elderly Mexican woman
  • Immigration officer