Quotation1 Don't judge me. I was nine years old when they took me. If they had taken you at that age, you would've been one of them too. Quotation2
Tessa to Michael in Battle of the Ampere

{{Infobox1 |Age = 15 |first appearance = Battle of the Ampere |Status = Alive |Powers = Electric Enhancement |Alliances = Tessa Is The 15th Electric Child


Tessa is a glow that was originally loyal to Hatch, (who changed her name to 'Tesla', after Nikola Tesla, inventor of the tesla coil), but escaped after she was moved to the peruvian compound. She and Zeus used to date before she escaped, despite Hatch's rule against romantic relationships between the Glows. )This rule was probably put in after Tessa escaped.) She was taken in by the Amacarra tribe, but is forced to leave after the Elgen search the jungle for Michael. She travels through the jungle with Michael and their Voice-employed guide, Jaime. At first, she refuses to help Michael rescue the rest of the Electroclan from the Peruvian government, out of fear of Hatch, but is later fueled by her anger at the destruction of the Amacarra.She then leaves the Electroclan to take refuge with The Voice, along with Abigail, Zeus, and Ian. However, the four change their minds and end up saving the lives of the rest of the group, as well as making the sinking of the E.S. Ampere, Elgen's floating headquarters, possible. She also has a crush on Michael Vey.


Tessa is the opposite of Nichelle. Instead of weakening electric children, she strengthens them and enhances their powers. Both she and Nichelle can track other glows with their powers.

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