Quotation1 ...Wade had nothing to be sorry about. He always wanted to be a warrior like Jack. And in the end, he was. Quotation2
Michael about Wade at his burial
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Wade West
Background information
Affiliation: Electroclan
Status: Deceased
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Wade West was one of the main protagonists of the Michael Vey series.


Wade West is one of Jack's friends. He was originally a bully at Michael Vey's school, but later becomes a member of the Electroclan. Michael calls on him and Jack to take him to the academy where he thinks his mother is being held captive. Wade is captured and becomes a GP, one of Hatch's "guinea pigs." Michael is then tested by Hatch to kill Wade, but refuses. Wade escapes the academy with the rest of the Electroclan.
Wade dies taking a bullet for Jack in Battle of the Ampere

The Prisoner of Cell 25Edit

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Rise of the ElgenEdit

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Battle of the AmpereEdit

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Trivia Edit

  • In Battle of the Ampere, Jack carves Wade's initials into his arm.
  • In Hunt for Jade Dragon, Jack reveals Wade wished to become a chef.
  • Jack says that he sometimes feels like Wade watches him, almost like a guardian angel.

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