Background information
Affiliation: Elgen
Status: Alive
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Welch is an Elite General Guard in the Elgen.


Storm of LightningEdit

Old FriendsEdit

At the Taiwan Starxource plant, Welch visited Dr. C. James Hatch's office and delivered a mission report on Mexican Lightning Storm. He informed Hatch the Timepiece Ranch had been destroyed, eliminating all present. Hatch asked about the status of the Electroclan, and Welch explained their escape and rescue of Jade Dragon. They then discussed the location of Giacomo Schema, who had disappeared soon after his release, as well as the man sent to capture him. After being offered a drink, Welch was told about the new additions to the Elgen fleet: the Edison and the Franklin, and the plan to proceed with Operation Home Base – the overthrow of the Tuvaluan government. At the end of their meeting, Hatch ordered Politis to strip Welch of his weapon and insignia, and then escort him to the brig to await being fed to the rats at the Tuvalu Starxource plant.

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