We First See EGG Welch In The Prisoner Of Cell 25 Even Though He Does Not Make A Appearance In The Book He Is Mentioned . His First Appearance Is In Rise Of The Elgen When Hatch Asks "Captain Welch Please Take Us To The Bowl" We Next See Him In Hunt For Jade Dragon To Tell Hatch That They Captured A Chinese Girl Named Jade Dragon . His Next Appearance Is Storm Of Lightning When He Informs Hatch At The Taiwanese Starxource Plant About The Elgen Bombing Timepiece Ranch After This Hatch Has Him Locked Up In The Brig And When They Reach Tuvalu He Is Going To Be Fed To The Rats Then Quentin And Torstyn And Tara Help Welch Escape . In Fall Of Hades He Along With The Rest Of The Electroclan Helps Hijack The Joule .


.  His Real Name Is David

. In Fall Of Hades It Is Said That He Had A Bad Childhood

. He Used To Be A Pizza Delivery Guy

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