Quotation1 You're gonna burn, Vey! Quotation2
Zeus to Michael while brainwashed by Hatch

Zeus is one of the 17 electric children created by the Elgen. He is currently with the Electroclan, but was previously brainwashed by Hatch and was loyal to him.

Background Information





Can fire lighting bolts (his powers are similar to Michael's except external)


Electroclan (Previously the Elgen)


Zeus has the power to throw lighting (hence the name), and was named after the god Zeus whose ultimate weapons were lightning bolts. However, due to his powers, he is unable to touch water without electrocuting himself, which is why he cannot bathe, resulting in a perpetually unpleasant smell that is his chagrin.


Zeus was recruited from battle. Hatch guilted him into service by telling him that he'd killed his entire family by electrocuting them in a swimming pool. This was a lie, but young Zeus was so horrified he believed Hatch. However, in The Prisoner of Cell 25Taylor Ridley is able to erase the false memory. Zeus helps bring down the Peruvian base in South America which holds a large bowl full of electric rats, in Rise of the Elgen. An act of bravery on his part however, was when the Rat Bowl was becoming chaotic and the only way to get it to stop was to use water to put out the rats electricity. Michael Vey was unable to, for fear of the water coming down and hurting Zeus., however, Zeus himself shot electricity at the pipes, endangering himself to save the others. Jack courageously leapt to his rescue, saving him. However, in Battle of the Ampere after being captured by Peruvian army and the Elgen he decided he'd had enough. After escaping the Puerto Maldonado compound (and destroying it) Zeus leaves the Electroclan to take refuge with The Voice, along with Abi, Ian, and Tessa. However, the four feel guilty for leaving their friends to destroy the E.S Ampere, or came to their senses because at the very last moment when the other half of the Electroclan are about to be turned to dust, Zeus and the others appear to help. Thus, the destruction of the ship was made possible with everyone's lives intact.

Personality Edit

Zeus has a high temper, shown when he shocks a man at a concert for insulting him. He's a little self-involved, and arrogant at times. He can be jealous, like when he and Jack are competing for Abigail's attention. But in the end, he truly is a brave, courageous person, proved when he sacrifices himself to save the rest of the Electroclan from the electric rats.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to Zeus's electrical makeup (Having his electricity confined to his outside), he cannot come in contact with water. This must make it extremely hard or painful for him to drink or sweat.
  • Due to his betrayal to the Elgen, no electric child is allowed to say his name. We learn about this when Kylee accidentally says his name when the electric children are examining the electric rats, that have the same weakness that he does.
  • It is notable that Zeus refers to the Elgen killing his parents in the sixth book, despite Taylor allegedly removing those memories.
  • His actual name is Leonard Frank Smith, but he hates being called that.

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